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Since the moment it was released, Clash Royale spread like a fever around the globe and with its instant success quickly became the most downloaded game. With millions of players worldwide and the “good old” pay-to-win system, it will certainly generate its creators Supercell billions of dollars.

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A good example for how much money players are willing to spend is the top player Chief Pat. In a recent Reddit AMA he revealed that he has spent over $12,000 on this game. Even though he stated that it’s not just the money spend that make him one of the best players, but the good strategy and skills play a huge role too, although we seriously doubt that strategy or skills have anything to do with it. So, how do we compete with that? Given the fact that the average Clash Royale player will spend no more than $100 for in-app purchases, it is practically impossible to get even near the level of Chief Pat or other top players like him.

We understand the frustration by this unfair pay-to-win situation, but after all the game is free for download and the developers have to somehow monetize their product. Also, they are smart enough to keep us “hooked up” by giving us rewords like chests with free cards and gold. Despite the fact that these rewards are nowhere nearly enough to speed up the progress of our game we still keep coming back again and again always wanting more. So when we are addicted on that level it is only normal that we are searching alternatives on how to boost our gaming experience, other than paying or constantly waiting.

Just imagine if you could have everything that Clash Royale has to offer “maxing out” your collection and creating powerful decks – of course that you would be one of the top players. However, this is only possible if you spend around $12K like Pat or if you are “free player” it is estimated that you will need to wait around 22 years to “max out” the collection. Say what you will, but this is insane amount of money to spend on a game and the 22 years - we won’t even bother commenting.

Taking in consideration the above written, we are left with no choice but to seek an alternative, which would be to use some kind of hack for Clash Royale. Right now yow must think – great, I’ll do that. But it is not that simple because most of them are nothing else but a scam. There are so many disappointed players which tried hundreds of cheats and got nothing. Therefore, a lot of them are convinced that hacks and cheats for this game simply do not exist. So on that note, we must raise the question:

Do hacks and cheats for Clash Royale really exist?

As long as there are games that we like to play, there will be all kinds of hacks and cheats for them and Clash Royale is not an exception. The only problem is that it is more difficult to hack any software nowadays due to the more sophisticated programs and the custom build database format which is often encrypted with asymmetric cryptography. Aldo on first notice this may seem impossible to crack, there is a way to decrypt the files and modify them for your benefit. However, this is a challenging task that requires knowledge and some serious skills.

Not many people in the world have these skills, or even if they do, they are simply not interested in wasting time or effort on a game. On the other hand, there are the ones like us who developed passion for computers thanks to the games. As “sworn” gamers and Clash Royale fans, we’ve decided to give this challenge a go and of course have some fun along the way. Based on the results we’ve got from our little “experiment” we can make this statement for sure - yes, hacks and cheats for Clash Royale do exist, just be careful when choosing which one you are going to use because most of them are fake.

When it comes to hacking the game, the choice is yours

We hope that, if nothing else, we’ve at least gave you an idea of how and what to search for in hacks and cheats, not just for Clash Royale, but other popular games as well. At the end, the choice is totally up to you. We have just given you some basics tips that you may find useful when you are seeking for an alternative to boost your gaming experience without spending a “little fortune” on in-app purchases. You can also try our hack for Clash Royale and see for yourself that this is the best and safest option that you can currently find on the “market” to get some free gems.

Who knows, with the free gems you, some practice and a little bit of luck, you might even end up in the company of the top players like Chief Pat and others similar to him, which are spending money on this game like crazy. And in case you do, shhh… don’t tell anyone about how you have outsmarted them, without spending a dime, it will be our little secret.

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