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It’s Summer time! Summer means friends, games and also a lot of fun but what if I told you that you can have all these in the new Clash Royale feature called 2v2. In this article we will discuss with you it’s options and illustrate it’s pros and cons.

What is the 2v2 button?

It’s a fact that every player love to play with their friends cause it’s so much fun and more challenging than usual, we love to invite them to our favorite games like Clash Royale to be our loyal allies and sadly it wasn’t so easy to do that in the 2v2 mode!

In the past, players had to join the same clan and wait for the Clan Battle! From it’s name you will get that it’s an event where one player can join another player from the same clan against two random opponents from another clan. But who want to wait for nearly two weeks to play with his friend! That’s why this 2v2 Button came out to life, with just one tap you can play 2v2 and it’s available in two options. Let’s discuss them with you.

2v2 Options

At first let’s answer the famous question, Can we play with our friends in this mode, and the answer is, yes you can and that’s our first option called Play With Friend.
After clicking on this button the game will show you a list of your online friends then you can easily click on any online friend in order to ask them to join you in battle. That will send an invitation with your deck and they will have the options either to accept or decline!

But what about if there are none of your friends online at the moment? We can’t play in the first mode in this way, so there’s the need for our second mode called Quick match. After clicking on that option you will be randomly matches with a teammate against two random opponents.

What are the Pros and Cons of this new button?

Everything in life has Pros and Cons so does our new 2v2 Button. Let’s talk first about it’s advantages:

  • After every win the player will collect crowns for the crown chest, he will also gain coins like in a normal battle;
  • Players can now play with their friends any time! No need to wait for the clan battle like before;
  • Players can play with random allies, it’s so much fun and challenging cause you won’t know what’s coming;
  • When a player plays a quick match the game will make him face opponents in his level or close to it, so it’s fair for everyone;
  • If we are in the crown chest time, every time you play whether it’s a quick match or with a friend you will gain points for your clan chest like a normal clan battle;

Now about the disadvantages:

  • Sadly in Quick match option, when you are playing with a random opponent he can leave you alone in the middle of the battle leaving you against two players. That isn’t fair, after all don’t forget that he doesn’t know you;
  • Another big disadvantage in that mode is that you won’t collect any trophies after winning the battle, so if you are looking to gain trophies that’s won’t suit you and then you have no other option than to play in the normal 1v1 battle mode;
  • If you choose to play a quick match you may be stuck with a player who can’t use his cards right with yours, in this case you will loose the game and waste 3 minutes of your life;
    Sometimes it takes nearly 30 seconds to start a quick match, not a big disadvantages but it worth mentioning;
  • In our opinion, in the clan battle time players of the same clan have to play together in order to create a stronger bond but after 2v2 mode they now can play with anyone and get points for the clan battle chest, so many players prefer the quick match as it’s available all the time;

What is missing in the new 2v2 button?

In our opinion players have to gain trophies for winning even if it’s the half of the normal battle but at least give them a chance to improve their trophies. Another thing they have to work really fast to prevent the other Clash Royale players from leaving in the middle of the match like the normal battle, in this way they will keep the fight till the end.

What about making it a permanent feature?

Well that’s really a very good question and in our opinion the answer will be Yes! make it a permanent feature but only If you are going to fix the Cons that we mentioned before, now this new feature is opened for nearly a month and in this period may be they will send a new update that fix everything or even add new features, who knows!

If you tried this new 2v2 button let us know your opinion about this new feature, is it fun? and finally what’s your suggestions for improvements to make it a perfect feature?


  • lots of gamers felt the requirement for a trouble-free video game mode where there would not be a drawback of getting or losing prizes benched to lower leagues, and supercell therefore brought out the 2v2 mode, where you can simply play as long as you desire with your buddies and test out brand-new cards and enjoyable decks.

  • 2v2 fights do not award or subtract trophies from gamers, however they do award chests and triumph gold 2v2 fights likewise count to the crown and clan chests.

  • generally a single-player video game, the unique summer season of 2v2″ promo enables gamers to collaborate and complete versus each other in a no-holds-barred battle for triumph, doubling the variety of gamers and magnifying the elixir-fueled enjoyable.

  • clash royale’s most recent 2v2 video game mode has actually reoccured and we have actually discovered a lot over the previous couple of days.

  • supercell is stepping things up by including a 2v2 mode to their popular card-based pvp technique video game clash royale.

  • the majority of routine decks attempt to be well balanced, having a win condition and counters to all other possibilities – in 2v2 clan battles, this isn’t really that crucial any longer, your decks do not have to be that healthy since you will constantly have some difficult counters.

  • the 2v2 mode is a bad concept, colleagues leave throughout the video game, with no charge, that makes it difficult to win.

  • smart choice of cards for you deck, utilizing the troops following a prepared technique and time management is exactly what you require in a regular battle of clash royale, however playing 2v2 needs more than that; utilizing cards inning accordance with the deck of your partner group gamer.

  • in the march clash royale upgrade the designers included a new video game mode called clan battles or 2v2 mode.

  • numerous video game updates included brand-new functions, more troops, 2v2 clan fights and more.

July 3, 2017

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