The Clash Royale Crown Championship – Let the champions rise!

The first phase has started. Thousands of players have started the battle for supremacy! Of course we are talking about the one and only Clash Royale! What is Clash Royale? Card based brawler with two kings, four towers and lots of different minions and a short and addictive game play. The game has become extremely popular since its release. It won the title best game of the year in Apple and Google Play.

The global championship has begun its countdown. Hundreds of tournaments will be held in favor of discovering the champion. This is the time for experienced players show their virtue. Many strategists will show their tactics, some will prove strong, others weak.

What will our champions fight for?

Our champions will fight for 1 million USD worth of prizes! But the true prize for a grand champion is the title of KING OF CLASH ROYALE! The tournament will span from May to July when the best player in the world will be chosen. In every region there will be 8 tournaments. Every tournament counts 1024 players, only one player per tournament goes in the second circle.

After many skirmishes, only 6 regional players go in the spring finals of the Crown Championship. The winner will be called the region’s grand champion. We can watch the top finalist clash on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook every weekend from June to July.

Can anyone participate the tournament?

To participate the tournament, you need to have a level 8 account. You have to be a resident of the region you want to play in. Your minimum age should be 16 to be approved. For the Spring season only players in Europe, North America and Latin America can participate.

Tournaments are basically no different than the regular game, but there are certain restrictions.

Cards are capped for example:

  • Kings are capped to level 9,
  • Common cards level 9,
  • Rare cards level 7,
  • Epic cards level 4,
  • Legendary cards level 1.

And the overtime length will be prolonged to 3 minutes instead of the regular 1. If you are a newbie to the game and do not have a level 8 account, here are some tips to rank up!

A few tips for the Clash Royale Crown Championship

Pick and stick to a perfect deck during the tournament. You will get a rhythm for the same strategy. Playing like that will show you the weaknesses and strong points in the deck. If you lose, do not reject, but simply take a refreshment break and continue the battle. Your patience is limited. Do not waste it with anger.

Practice a card combination on your friend. Find the best combo and start the tournament full with preparations. Although it’s just a game, do not look at it that way. You might just be the new champion.

Keep track of the opponent’s deck. The best way to defeat an enemy is to know the enemy. Destroying one tower means you are controlling 75% of the map. Use the advantage wisely.

Do not save too much on the elixir. Many save for an op card and end up defenseless at the end.

Calculate the damage you do and try to conclude where to attack next.

Sometimes putting weaker units is better than putting one Golem. Your opponent gets distracted and starts defending with strong units, failing to defend both lanes he loses his grip on the situation. You then rush the tower and destroy the keep.

Use the pressure to your advantage. There is a huge difference between the regular ladder game and tournament. People are a lot more competitive. Sometimes they will make mistakes out of pressure. Use those mistakes and crush your enemies.

Play your cards wisely. Don’t uphold one card as the key card in every game. Even though that would be your signature move.

Those where the tips for our tournaments newbies.

The most basic rule, even some experienced players forget is that you have a deck with 8 cards per game. You need to combine these cards with their respective powers. But most players go for too much power. With that move, they under use the power of the cooperative cards featuring their downfall. Even though you can only have 8 cards, that doesn’t mean to take cards that have the same effect the other two or three cards have combined. That card is expensive and only can support one lane.

Your deck is supposed to be a combination of five aspects: offense, defense, complexity, synergies and counters.

One great example of a good deck is the Hog Log/Spell Bait deck.

  • Goblin Gang – a perfect spell bait
  • Goblin barrel – the Punisher
  • Hog rider – the tank
  • Inferno Tower – anti-tank Demolisher
  • Fireball – good for elite minions and tower
  • The Log – Counters the tricky DPs
  • Electro Wizard – a fast and precise offender
  • Skeleton Army – use as a backbone in defense

Try and see what this deck does for you.

Use these tips and tricks wisely because more and more players in the world are competing and room for mistakes is very little. Although every card has its best use and flaw, one card beats most of the others.

The Executioner. He is all rounded in DPs. Attacks both ground and air units with his fatal axe. His boomerang axe can attack in more than one tile. Which means he can attack any scheme placed weaker units behind the elites. That makes him currently the most wanted card in the game.

The core of these tournaments is to make people contact each other, form a clan and devastate the other clans. Do not look too deeply to this because the first thing you should put in your mindset is to have fun!

Fight for your position in the most anticipated tournament of the year. Show your competitive spirit and win one of the most valued prizes. Even better become the GRAND CHAMPION in the Crown Championship!

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May 16, 2017

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