Heal Draft Challenge

The new Heal Spell card will be unlocked soon, so as a tradition there is a “Heal Draft Challenge” where you pick 4 and receive 4 cards from your opponent and one of you gets to try the new Heal spell. The challenge gives you the ability to unlock the card earlier than most players and get some pretty awesome rewards. 12 wins unlock the new Clash Royale card and you get 25.000 gold at 10 wins. Even if you win just 4 times you sill get a lot of gold so it is worth entering the challenge. The top prize is 11.000 in gold and 550 cards. You also get one free entry. The 3 strikes and you are out principle is valid here too, so make sure that you get as much wins as possible.

The rules titled “Battle using Friendly Rules!” are super simple with common cards leveled up to lvl.9, rare to lvl.7, epic to 4 and legendary to lvl.1. The overtime is 3 minutes so the chances of draws are limited to a minimum.

There is not much info about the new spell except that it heal 100 hitpoints per second.

The Heal Draft Challenge is starting in 2 days with the official countdown available in the Tournaments tab inside the game.

Good luck to all!

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April 25, 2017

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