All you need to know about the Night Witch Card

The new Clash Royale Night Witch card is almost here. Its official release date is on May 31. However, the best or the luckiest few players will have a chance to have her in their decks earlier by winning her in the upcoming Night Witch Draft Challenge (May 26-29). The entry for this challenge is free, but in order to win or unlock the new card you will have to win 12 times. It is not going to be easy but it is certainly worth trying. Who knows maybe the luck will be on your side.

First thoughts and impressions of the Night Witch

Some of you may wonder how can I have thoughts or impressions about a card that is not yet released. But, as you know I was given the opportunity to try and test the new card, thus I was able to play a few rounds with her which means that I already have an opinion about it so here comes the mini guide.

The Night Witch is a very powerful legendary card which costs only 4 Elixir. I say “only” 4 Elixir because this is an awesome card and you get a lot of value from it and I’ve got to admit guys, I am a huge fan of this card. In my opinion she is going to be (dare I say) – OP and really strong. Plus, when she dies she spawns bats, which automatically gives her extra value. I think extra value is the key phrase you’re going to keep in mind when you are talking about the Night Witch.

Like it or not I also think that a lot of people are going to have the tendency to compare her with the normal Epic Witch which costs 5 Elixir. And one can make the argument that despite the fact that she is a may lay unit she hits with her staff rather than the ranged attack that the Witch has. She is actually really versatile and in a lot of ways she is stronger than the traditional Witch. Of course she is not stronger every way but in my mind the Night Witch has so much more value because she has a unique ability of being the only troop in the game that spawns air units. When you put her behind a King Tower they will spawn in different directions which is pretty cool “mechanic” that is actually really valuable. This gives you a little bit of defense in that opposite lane and you can even combo that with some Bandit or a Hog Rider in the opposite lane to take your opponent by surprise.

How to incorporate the Night Witch in the Top 3 Meta Decks?

I’ve tested the Night Witch in the top 3, tier 1, Meta decks, so I can finally share with you guys a proper game play with this card in 3 different decks. What I have done is essentially taken three really strong tier 1 decks inside the Meta right now and I’ve substituted the Night Witch in the most obvious spots possible. The decks I will share with are: Lava-Loon, a Splash-yard and Miner Control/Miner Cycle Deck that you already know but we will see how the Night Witch fits in them.

LavaLoon Deck

In this deck I like the Night Witch because I think it synergizes very well with the Miner. She is going to be spawning all those bats and even when she dies she will throw in some additional bats (two, to be precise). This is going to allow you to place that Miner to tank for the Night Witch or at least for all those bats that she spawns and I think that that’s going to kind off mix all well with the Lava Loon push so you can just send in a solo Night Witch in the back and then send in the Miner when she gets to the bridge area or you can use her defensively and send in the Miner, or you can use her in a big monster push with your LavaLoon. The only thing that you should be aware of is that she doesn’t have much HP and sometimes you will need to throw additional troop to get the job done.

Splash-yard Deck

I must say that the Night Witch fits perfectly in this deck. Playing a double witch deck was a suggestion I’ve got from a lot of fellow players. The thing about this deck is that if you play the Witch and Night Witch together it gives two great lightning targets and that is the danger here with having Electro Wizard. Now maybe in the future we will be summing out Electro Wizard in favor of the Night Witch in a deck like this or vice versa. I guess we will have to wait and see. But one thing I want to remain condescend of is not giving too much lightning value with this deck. For example, if your opponent is playing a Hog-Lightning deck and you are playing this deck, you won’t be able to give him a good lightning value. Also, keep in mind that when you play the Night Witch behind the King Tower, her first spawned bats that happen immediately after you cast her on the Arena are going to go in both separate lanes. That is something that is very shuttle but in my opinion it is very important because that is going to provide kind off like a split Skeletons in the beginning of a match. It is actually kind off a good thing that they split in both directions. You can sneakily put a battle ramp or Hog Rider in the opposite lane and then just give that little extra punch of a bat to deal with your opponent, or it can be just a good distraction troop. However, similar to Skeletons, these bats don’t have a ton of HP and they don’t do a ton of DPS but they are lethal in big packs and that is the point with the Night Witch. She is a good fit for this deck because spawning all those bats which are hard to keep track of and when the bats get to the bridge they can also act like a distracting unit to destruct the crown tower away from the Skeletons spawned by the Grave Yard.

This is maybe my favorite of all three decks. It is a straight up Miner control deck where I substituted the Night Witch for the Knight to see how she does in the deck. This is also kind off control deck because of the Inferno Tower but also kind off cycle because it has two cycle cards. My tier one counter with this deck is often the Inferno Tower but of course I have a lot of options here.

Miner Cycle Control Deck

The main thing, if you decide to play this deck, would be – don’t be super aggressive in the beginning. You would want to draw attention to that Night Witch on let’s say the Knight, for which she can easily take care off. However, she is not necessarily a Bowler where she is going to stay in the lane forever, so you have to be aware of that as well. Try to cycle a lot of defensive troops and get a lot of value of your Night Witch-Miner combo. Even having Minions in the same deck can work out too. I simply like how the Night Witch, the Minions, the Miner and everything kind of works together in this deck and defensively it is very strong too. It just works for me perfectly.

So that is it for today’s post guys. I hope you will have the chance to try the Night Witch as soon as possible and incorporate her in one of these three decks. And of course, best of luck to all of you in the Draft Challenge.

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May 26, 2017

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