How to recognize the real hacks vs. the fake ones?

The answer to this question is actually very simple. Never trust the ones that promise to generate you unlimited amounts of gems. There isn’t such thing and it is not possible to be done. First off, the application itself does not offer anything even similar to this. The list of items that you can buy as in-app purchases for Clash Royale is limited to a few packages and you can stock up by repeatedly purchasing different items. This is the way they’ve written their codes and algorithms, so the software is doing the calculations on predetermined variables. What we are saying is that there is no chance to simply add unlimited resources out of nowhere. Or if someone has succeeded doing this, it won’t last long as this will be a red flag for the Supercell administrators and you will be banned from the game for sure.

When searching for a real hack you should be looking for the ones that offer you the items that are equivalent to the ones on the official app store. Since Gems are used to buy or upgrade practically everything in Clash Royale, look only for cheats that are offering the following:

  • Fistful of Gems – 80
  • Pouch of Gems – 500
  • Bucket of Gems – 1,200
  • Barrel of Gems – 2,500
  • Wagon of Gems – 6,500
  • Mountain of Gems – 14,000 Gems

These are the only packages or “deals” released from Supercell on their official app sore. By using these hacks multiple times you will be able to stock up “unlimited” resources, but this is the only way to get them – each at a time. Thus, whenever you encounter web-sites promising that with their tool you will be able to generate unlimited resources, stay away from them as far as possible. The only free thing you can get from them is a virus which is often used to harm your device or steal your personal information.

Another important tip that we can give you regarding the question: how to recognize real vs. fake hacks? Is – always choose the online hack. We are not saying that all the hacks that require downloading are fake ones, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that downloading suspicious files on your PC, phone or tablet is never a smart choice. These files may actually be malicious software which will steal your personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers. Therefore, allays do your research and double-check the sites from which you want to download certain content. But generally speaking the online hacks or cheats are a much safer option and if you have the choice, always go with the online ones.

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